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This thing really caught my eye this morning so I thought I’d do a quick copy paste blog.



A whole new experience in user experience design.

Design and prototype websites and mobile apps faster than ever with Project Comet,
the first all-in-one solution for UX designers


Check out Adobe’s blog post for more details on “Project Comet



How easy is Web Designing today?

Well, I always thought to myself Web Designing is something I have to rely on a developer because i’m a no CODER. No, you are wrong! You can design websites too, it’s that simple!

Today there are hundreds of tools out there that can help you design websites. For example, WiXWeeblyYola etc can help you create websites.

But….? Wait! What made me become a Web Designer is not anyone of the above. It’s the brand new Web Design Software for non-coder or just about anyone, Adobe Muse. I haven’t seen or know of a similar software that exist out there yet.

Adobe Muse is a UI based Web Design software that allows you to design websites in minutes without writing a single line of code. Create and publish dynamic websites for desktop and mobile devices that meet the latest web standards —HTML5. Design freely using familiar tools and hundreds of web fonts. Easily add interactivity, including slide shows, forms, menus, videos, audios and much more.Bring out your entire creativity world within you, all together in one place.

Check out my website for more details and a demo of what you can do with Adobe Muse

Alo Design Studio


Today I ran into this interesting and very illustrative article on the need for a Multi-Device Web Design approach as the web evolves and how people access content has shifted base almost completely.

Above graphic example shows how many percentage of consumers browse content on their device, hence the need to design your sites so important content users need to consume should be on the right hand side of the screen.

For a detailed article, visit Luke Wroblewski article “New Layouts for the Multi-Device Web”




Facebook is apparently coming up with a new feature, QR code for your Facebook profile along with an option to scan a QR code right from your phone and add friends. Ain’t that fun way to find and add friends?

Facebook may have apparently leaked this feature this morning to some iOS Facebook users. I managed to get a hands on of the feature on my iPhone this morning. It was a fool of me to have failed to take a screenshot though, because perhaps I was too excited and went on to grab my digital camera to take a pic of my profile QR code. I then use Facebook on my iPhone(Scan tab above) to scan my profile QR code, it does takes me to my profile page 🙂

I thought it’s a feature which Facebook have silently introduced or I missed the news so I didn’t give a damn and thought I will comeback and check later. But later this afternoon, I went back on Facebook to check again and Alas! It’s gone, couldn’t find anywhere on Facebook 😦

Note: Above image is a mock up of what I saw this morning on Facebook. It does look something like the image above. QR code above actually is a working code to my Facebook Profile. Fire up any of your QR code scanning app on your phone and give it a try 😉

I swear and you have to believe me this is all true and Facebook may introduce the new feature anytime soon. Watch out!



Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop to tablets & mobile phones)

ALO DESIGN STUDIO incorporates the same design approach with every single website designed in the studio here, thus making sure your websites is RWD ready! Ensuring, your website attracts new customers each new day and retaining your existing customers.

Make your business stand out today with ALO DESIGN STUDIO

Cool Shade!

“Bleeding Blue”  

Hello Chelsea FC fans out there, here’s your chance to grab your favorite branded Chelsea Fan T-shirt from TeePublic

You can buy it by funding the T-shirt at only $20 (~ £13). If 30 people successfully funded the T-shirt in 30 days, TeePublic will start printing the T-shirt and it’ll go on sale on their website. Then your T-shirt will be delivered to you.

You don’t get charged for the funding unless the funding project is successful. If the funding is un-successful, your $20 (~ £13) will be re-funded.

We have 30 days to make this happen. Please help fund, share and spread the news. Lets show some love for the Blues


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Hello friends, I want all of you to check out my new T-shirt Design. If you like it, you can buy it by funding my T-shirt at only $20. When 30 people successfully funded the T-shirt in 30 days, it’ll go for sale and the T-shirt will be delivered to you.

Note: You don’t get charged for funding unless the funding is successful. If the funding is un-successful, your $20 will be re-funded.

We have 30 days to make this happen. Please help fund, share and spread the news.

Theme of the T-Shirt : A young modern Naga couple in their traditional attire. In today’s modern world, this traditional attires are worn on special occasion only to showcase ones traditional collections and ethnicity.

For details on funding page, CLICK HERE

















For a full hands on review of the device, check out the Tech Radar review go here

Post a note/comment and say what you think about the new device? Are you excited? Are you going to buy one? Or have you even pre-ordered one? What feature/part of this device is most appealing to you?


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