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Editor’s note: Jordan Kurzweil ran AOL’s original programming and video group from 2004-2007, and before that built and Fox Entertainment’s first digital studio (1999-2002). He now runs Independent Content, an agency that helps media companies launch new digital products and businesses.

Apple should not use its $100 billion in cash to buy, or buy into Hollywood. While it would most assuredly (ahem, cough) disrupt the system, it would not spur the kind of creative chaos and innovation that would lead to the Emerald City of any show, on demand, for free, to rent, or buy, or subscribe, and organized by taste or popularity, or you! In fact, Apple buying into Hollywood, would actually kill Hollywood. Here’s why:

Time and again, tech companies have proven a keen disability when it comes to marketing and promotion. It is an amazing blind spot, likely born out of tech culture’s macro focus…

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