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The Apple iPad 3 or just simply iPad, as it is officially called by Apple, is Apple’s latest gadget released just few days ago, the same gadget line which started about two years ago. Although the third-generation iPad remains the same on the outside, it does bring a lot of improvements on the inside. First, it has a new screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, delivering an amazing for a tablet pixel density of 264 ppi. Meaning the iPad 3 feature the incredible Retina display like the iPhone 4S. The quality of picture you see will be stunning and of course watching videos and playing games. Another major improvement is the processor of the device, which is now A5X – still a dual-core processor, but with a new quad-core GPU for outstanding graphics. Ideal for gaming and of course to support the Retina display that comes with the new iPad 3. The camera has also been given a boost and is now much more capable in terms of both photo- and video-taking. The back camera now has a 5 mega pixel which will take stunning pictures as compared to the older iPad which is fuzzy and gross. You can shoot video at HD 1080dpi and has a anti-shake feature. Finally, the new iPad 3 has been blessed with the next generation wireless LTE connectivity. Since different carriers use different bands for LTE, the iPad 3 will come in a number of versions, designed for the different carriers’ LTE networks. In the U.S., the iPad 4G will come in AT&T and Verizon flavors. Additionally, all 4G iPads will also have global 3G capabilities, so you should be able to use 3G on most carriers around the world. There’s always the Wi-Fi-only version, which won’t offer connectivity to mobile networks, but will be more affordable, as usual.

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