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Facebook is apparently coming up with a new feature, QR code for your Facebook profile along with an option to scan a QR code right from your phone and add friends. Ain’t that fun way to find and add friends?

Facebook may have apparently leaked this feature this morning to some iOS Facebook users. I managed to get a hands on of the feature on my iPhone this morning. It was a fool of me to have failed to take a screenshot though, because perhaps I was too excited and went on to grab my digital camera to take a pic of my profile QR code. I then use Facebook on my iPhone(Scan tab above) to scan my profile QR code, it does takes me to my profile page 🙂

I thought it’s a feature which Facebook have silently introduced or I missed the news so I didn’t give a damn and thought I will comeback and check later. But later this afternoon, I went back on Facebook to check again and Alas! It’s gone, couldn’t find anywhere on Facebook 😦

Note: Above image is a mock up of what I saw this morning on Facebook. It does look something like the image above. QR code above actually is a working code to my Facebook Profile. Fire up any of your QR code scanning app on your phone and give it a try 😉

I swear and you have to believe me this is all true and Facebook may introduce the new feature anytime soon. Watch out!

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